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In order to further improve the dealers all over the country's understanding of the products of schneiman doors and windows and the sales skills of doors and windows; Strengthen the direct communication between the factory and dealers

in order to further improve the understanding of schneiman doors and windows products and the sales skills of schneiman doors and windows by dealers all over the country; Strengthen the direct communication between the factory and dealers. On August 17, the sixth "new business training camp" of the five-day schneiman doors and windows opened again!! Want to know what "novelty" has happened in these five days? Keep up with the pace of memory, let's go

fate of strangers

the sieneman family from all over the world arrived at the headquarters of sieneman in Guangzhou one after another. Shiniman is really a magical place. He can gather a group of strangers he has never met together and complete some incredible things, such as massaging each other and quickly forming his own team

▲ we have never lived, but we know each other because of Schneider Mann

▲ it's incredible that we met for the first time, and it was like old times at first sight

▲ quickly build your own team

concentrated and consistent investment

in the training courses that are closely arranged, students should not only learn the basic knowledge and core selling points of each syniman door and window product, but also master the measurement and door and window drawing technology, and even the actual sales drill of "hand to hand combat". There is a lot of information, but just like the "women's volleyball spirit", persistence is the most important

▲ study hard and never slack off

▲ every knowledge point is the key to success in the future

▲ a positive attitude often makes learning more interesting

different game life

people often say that "drama is like life", "drama" is also a game play. The innovative outdoor game activities and the tacit cooperation of the interconnected students not only quickly bring the revolutionary friendship of the students closer, but also let the students understand from the game that the cohesion of the team and the perfect division of labor among the team members are often the key to the success or failure of the team

▲ purchase, transportation, use Although it's a dress up game, it implies the secret of team division. Do you understand it

▲ keen insight, rapid response ability Isn't this the ability that the company urgently needs to have

▲ a grasshopper on a legendary rope, the team is not only your strong and weak cooperation, but mutual support in the same boat

there is no false testimony

after a few days of study, it is also the time to check and accept the learning results. The strict closed book examination and the cruel on-site simulation of product sales have surprised the teacher assistants with the wonderful performance of the students. Focus on doing things and stick to it. This is probably the feeling of the six new business training sessions

▲ it's time to test the learning results of these days

▲ "good at both writing and martial arts" can make the team go further

▲ congratulations to our champion team - durian team

▲ bonus is the most powerful encouragement and affirmation to a team

students' experience

although the sixth new business training of Schneider Mann doors and windows has ended, you and I get married because of Schneider Mann. We can also go forward with Schneider Mann doors and windows. The training will eventually end, but our feelings will not change

other people's investment promotion, only responsible for recruitment; Schneiman is responsible for attracting investment and getting home

what schneiman doors and windows is looking for is not a business, but a partner to work with us. Six phases of "new business training" of sieneman doors and windows have been carried out. The six phases of training let us know that what we find is "family", and sieneman doors and windows will be responsible for "family" to the end

look forward to the arrival of the seventh new business training family




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