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What is home? Maybe everyone feels different. But the same is that everyone is eager to have a safe, warm and quiet home

what is home

home is a place to shelter us from the wind and rain. If we don't have a home, we have to live a wandering life like duckweed, which migrates everywhere, regardless of the wind and rain, drift with the waves, and can't help ourselves

home is a place that gives us warmth and hope. If we don't have a home, we have to live a wandering life under the fence like stray dogs, and people look down upon us everywhere, without warmth or hope

home is a place that gives us joy and safety. If we don't have a home, we have to live a wandering life like wild cats, hiding all day long, without joy and security

home is the carrier of leisure space. We need to have a safe, quiet, clean, happy and warm home, and live a satisfactory family life with our family after returning home every day

how difficult it is to have an ideal home! In order to buy a house, we emptied most of our savings and were willing to be house slaves for half a life. What did we get

as night fell, you finally came home after a busy day. You, who are already exhausted, want to sit down and have a rest, so that your tired heart can be relaxed for a moment

however, the noise from the aunt dancing in the square downstairs makes you feel upset, which annoys your wife all night long and makes it difficult for your children to concentrate on their homework

there is no tranquility at night in the city. You want to have a good chat with your family, but you are upset and irritable by the noise outside the house. You have to raise the volume to chat with your family, which makes chatting like a quarrel

finally stayed up late at night. The square aunt downstairs finally dispersed. When you thought you could finally calm down, you found that the friction sound of cars coming and going on the road outside the community made it difficult for you to sleep

spring is coming, and the weather is getting warmer. On the day of returning to Nantian, your home is always wet. The clothes on the balcony that smell bad and have been dry for a week are still wet, which makes you feel extremely depressed

summer is coming, and the weather is getting hot. In sunny days, your home is always hot. Even if you turn on the air conditioner, you still feel very stuffy. The round the clock life of air conditioning also makes you feel difficult to adapt

autumn and winter come, and the weather gradually turns cold. On windy and snowy days, your home is always cold. Even if you turn on the heating, your home is still chilly. The life of closing doors and windows and blowing heat also makes you feel uncomfortable

are you so exhausted that you have been tortured into doubting life? After years of painstaking efforts, is it this terrible life? God! What on earth is this for

why? Why? Why

in order to buy a house, you have been a house slave for half your life; In order to decorate, you have emptied all your savings, but why can't you exchange it for a satisfactory home life

in fact, the reason is very simple. It's because you have the wrong focus when decorating! You spend most of your money on home interiors and home appliances, but you don't care about doors and windows

according to the famous "barrel theory", the weakest link in your home - the doors and windows of your home - determines the quality of your home life

ordinary doors and windows can bring shelter to your home, that is, they can't even block the wind and rain, and they often leak in cold winter; When it rains, it often seeps...

smart doors and windows can bring you a lot of connotation in addition to high-end, atmospheric and high-grade sensory enjoyment! Good sound insulation, strong air tightness, strong water tightness, strong wind pressure resistance, warmth and energy conservation...

what kind of doors and windows you choose determines your quality of life

therefore, many people say that they can make do with everything in life, except cars, doors and windows

why? Because the car is related to our travel safety; Doors and windows determine our home safety

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