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For people who love life, in a home that still looks good, designers use lively language and vivid cases to explain the design mysteries of life to home. There is no esoteric professional terminology, which makes home closer to the essence of people-oriented design

ask Yu what you mean to live in Bishan

smile without answering. Your heart is free

peach blossom and flowing water go away

there is a different world and a non human world

for people who love life, this non human scene is in the home of quality. The designer explains the design mysteries in life to the home with lively language and vivid cases. There is no esoteric professional terminology, making the home closer to the essence of people-oriented design. Wang Renzhong, the designer of Shangpin natural color, said: "for the unchanging life, it's better to make it" more worthy of love "than complain or force a smile."

design is not about people-oriented


makes our life lively, interesting, rich and comfortable

design brings not only aesthetic changes

it also changes our lifestyle

behavior and those imperceptible

the way we see the world

the opener of space: Porter garden 16, westam 15

Porter garden 16

integrate the life you want into a small home, where there are countless doors. The doors should be theft-proof and beautiful, and the most important thing in the small nest is sound insulation, In his own small world, every day is full of foreign noise, and a quiet living environment is the ability to be in charge of the bedroom door

vestam 15

the carvings in the door leaf are moderate in size and proportion, make the finishing point, and do not dominate, implying that they are the icing on the cake for our life

bedroom space design

bedroom leisure is purely private, and there is no need for too much furniture. Two sets of bedside cabinets, a wardrobe, and a warm dressing table are good. If placed in front of the window, the bedroom will be immediately full of warmth

living room space design

in the living room, the TV background wall is decorated with wallboards, which is particularly atmospheric and beautiful. Wallboards and dados with some shapes are simplified versions of European decoration, which simplifies the complex visual fatigue of life and brings up the quality of life

dining in such a living room is relaxing, which is itself a kind of enjoyment, a kind of life enjoyment from design. The decorative cabinet effectively solves the problem of space storage, expands the space feeling, and makes life orderly

other space design

design makes our life lively, interesting, rich and comfortable. From time to time, it involves you in one trend, and then pulls you out to push you to another trend. Don't think that you chose the design. In fact, the design chose you





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