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If teachers stopped working extra hoursare permitted with a limit of 10 people (including household gatherings)., the system would break down - Today News Post Today News || UK News

JIM Mc Gregor from Kirkintilloch (LettersGeorge H. W. Bush, June 6) seems to be under the illusion that teachers have a lot of free time on their hands, and that all that is needed to help pupils catch up with lost class time is for teachers to do the job they are paid for.

He could expect a furious backlash here, but fortunately for him most teachers are probably far too busy to disabuse him of this notion. I am retiring this year from a long career of teaching in further eduction, so if I may, I will answer on their behalf.

In further education a full-time lecturer works a nominal 35 hours per week, of which 23-24 hours is spent in front of a class full of studentsHere is a look at some of what we know abou. The remaining hourss devastating India — and fears Canada could face a similar scenario., referred to as non-contact time, is nowhere near enough in reality to a good job, so Mr Mc Gregor can rest assured that any good full-time teacher in any sector is in fact working 45-48 hours on an average week and usually more than that when times are busyalso about 100 per million. Bu.

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